The article will start with background information on the new breed of tactical shotgun scabbard review. It will be followed by a detailed discussion on some of the more popular shotgun scabbards in the market. The goal is to provide newbie shotgun enthusiasts with a primer on the same.



Modular Lightweight Load-carrying Equipment (MOLLE). Modular means the scabbard can be used as a standalone unit or as a part of a system. For example, it can be easily attached to another MOLLE customizable gear like an AUV saddle, a backpack, cartridge case, etc. The goal is to be able to attach every MOLLE unit into a personalized system.


Voodoo Shotgun Scabbard Review

Voodoo is a brand that provides customized MOLLE capable tactical accessories and load carrying devices. The same is designed with the help of seasoned military, police, and SWAT personnel like Todd Swank. Voodoo has an online shop that sells its particular brand of MOLLE equipment, as well as several of the more popular brands like 5:11, Polaris, NCSTAR, ATACS, etc.


Voodoo Approach

One thing most commentators notice about Voodoo is that the same is minimalistic. Consumers however, vary on their opinion on the scabbards. Some hail its perfect fit while some say the same is too tight. A Voodoo representative explains that the fit will start off as very tight. Holster the shotgun for a few days and the scabbard should mold to the shotgun’s contours. Of course, this presupposes that the customer bought the right type of scabbard.

Polaris Shotgun Scabbard Review

Polaris is best known for its tough hard shell shotgun cases and mount anywhere system. Although this means that in most cases the same must be mounted on a vehicle rather than a person. This is because of the sheer bulk and the weight of the same. Of course, they also produce MOLLE gear as well as soft shelves or scabbards.


Modgear Shotgun Sheathe Review

Modgear may refer to a particular brand, or to customized MOLLE. For the purposes of this article the former will be discussed. The same is usually a cheaper version of MOLLE; as such, it suffers from durability, as well as “over shiny” materials that look cheap. However, contrary to its looks, Modgear is extremely durable because of its sturdy construction.

Online Shops

Online tactical equipment providers can be found left and right. The problem is, not all of them sell quality goods. That is why you also have to join online communities in order to get honest and relevant customer assessment. Another indication of quality is the warranty and exchange policy. Make sure you buy only items that have a lengthy return warranty (30 to 60 days). And allow you to exchange items if the supposed MOLLE compatibility does not materialize.


Important Reminders

Tactical Shotgun Scabbard ReviewsDo not be in a hurry to buy online. You need to make sure that what you are buying is actually of high quality. And it will actually fit your shotgun. Remember, most brands will tell you that they can fit almost every shotgun make and model using different scabbards in their lineup. But experience says that some brands fit specific shotguns better. For any inquiries, call customer support. Most Shotgun Scabbard Reviews will tell you that it is better to waste a few minutes now dialing them up than a few weeks returning the wrong item.

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